Dr Paul Bourgine is director of CREA-Ecole Polytechnique, director of the Complex Systems Institute of Paris, director of the French National Network of Complex Systems. He holds a PhD in Economics (1983) and PhD in Cognitive Science (1989). His scientific interests are complex adaptive systems, large interactive networks and his current research fields involve genetic networks, neural networks, social networks and social cognition, learning and coevolutionary dynamics. Dr Paul Bourgine co-chaired the two first conferences in Economics and Artificial Intelligence (1986,1990), the first European Conference of Artificial Life (1990), the first European Conference in Cognitive Economics (2004), and chaired the European Conference on Complex Systems (2005). He is the former President of the Society of Complex Systems.

Jeremy Cohen is the Technical Co-ordinator of the Imperial College Internet Centre and leader of its Internet Markets research theme. Mr Cohen was the technical lead of the London e-Science Centre’s “A Market for Computational Services” project where, amongst other work, he developed the software mobility and payment mechanisms. He is currently working with the EPSRC/DfT funded e-Science Pilot Project MESSAGE applying utility computing technologies to support the analysis of high-volume mobile environmental sensor data.

Dr Samuel Landau is the Chief Technical Officer of Comwax SAS. He holds a PhD in Computer Science. He was formerly a software project manager at Archos where he worked on connected applications for portable multimedia players. Beforehand he held several Postdoctoral fellowships in renowned universities and research institutes, such as Université Pierre et Marie Curie, University of Luxembourg and INRIA, where he worked on evolutionary computing, software frameworks and machine learning. His current interest is bringing the Internet experience to ultramobile connected devices.

Dr Azeem Majeed is Professor of Primary Care and Head of the Department of Primary Care & Social Medicine at Imperial College, London. Azeem is also the Primary Care Campus Dean for the Faculty of Medicine, Associate Director (Primary Care) of the National Diabetes Research Network and the Course Director of the Imperial College MPH programme. Azeem’s research interests are in chronic disease management, particularly diabetes & cardiovascular disorders; health informatics; and the use of new technology to improve health care.

Dr Robin North works at the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College and is involved in a range of projects relating to the application of advanced technologies in transport, and their use in understanding and managing the environmental impacts of our mobility. His background in in developing systems to monitor tailpipe emissions from in-use vehicles and urban air quality. Within the EPSRC’s Digital Economy research program he is working to co-ordinate the activities of the “Services for Intelligent Mobility Management” network cluster. The SIMM cluster seeks to investigate how to exploit the capabilities of the digital economy to support and improve the decision making capability of travellers, transport network managers and the wider community.

Dr Thierry Rayna is a Research Associate at the Imperial College Internet Centre, where he is in charge of the Internet Economics theme. He holds a summa cum laude PhD in Economics from the University of Aix-Marseille. He was, for three years, a Doctoral Fellow at the French Ecole Polytechnique and, for one year, a European Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He has a number of publications in international journals and his research investigates the economic consequences of the particular nature and characteristics of digital goods (such as films, music, software and information) and services.

Dr Ludmila Striukova is a Lecturer at University College London in the Department of Management Science & Innovation. Her previous experience includes working as a market analyst for a statistical agency and as a research fellow at King’s College, University of London. She has a number of publications in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, her research focuses on the topic of Intellectual Property Rights and Internet and new technologies.

Dr Moustafa Ghanem is a Research Fellow at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, Director of Research at InforSense Ltd and Co-director of the Centre for Informatics Science at Nile University, Cairo. He holds an MSc and PhD from Imperial College London in High Performance Computing. His research interests are in the development and use of large-scale distributed data analysis and knowledge discovery systems for scientific applications, including life sciences, environmental monitoring and health informatics.  He has more than 50 academic papers published in these areas.

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