John Darlington

John Darlington is Professor in Programming Methodology in the Department of Computing at Imperial College and Director of the Imperial College Internet Centre and London e-Science Centre based there. Prior to these appointments Professor Darlington was Director of the Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre and the Fujitsu Parallel Research Centre, both of which pioneered the provision of high-level computational support to research workers in Imperial College and beyond.

Professor Darlington’s long term research interests have been in the development of techniques to reduce the complexity of coding and make application development accessible to wider communities. At the heart these techniques have been the adoption of declarative techniques and formalisms. Professor Darlington, in his earlier work in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University, was a pioneer in the development of functional programming languages and program transformation techniques. Following his move to Imperial College Professor Darlington continued this work in a series of Research Council funded projects that applied this approach in realistic contexts. This work includes the development of functional skeletons, parallel co-ordination forms (with Professor Guo) and ICENI a pioneering component-based Service Oriented Architecture. The Mashup Toolkit, developed in the Internet Centre, is the latest manifestation of this work.


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