Using digital technology to improve people’s health and the delivery of healthcare

This session will focus on the transformational effects of electronic patient records and Web 2.0 technologies. Some topics to explore include:

  • Giving patients online access to their medical records. What are the confidentiality, technical, ethical and legal issues? How will it impact on the quality of care and accuracy of electronic medical records?
  • Giving the public the information they need to make informed choices about their health and their healthcare. Use of web technologies, social networking etc.
  • Self management programmes and patient empowerment for people with long term illnesses.
  • Use of digital technology to improve quality of care, for example through the use of computerised decision support systems.
  • Developing capacity to process very large volumes of data for public health surveillance quickly and efficiently to allow early detection of threats (e.g. flu outbreaks, adverse drug reactions).

The session will be chaired by Prof. Azeem Majeed, with Vasa Curcin, Helen Atherton and Michael Soljak.

The presentation from the session can be found here.


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