Internet Angel

The growing availability of broadband means that, for an increasing number of us, the Internet is “always on”. This opens up the exciting possibility of developing Internet services that are persistent contextual and intelligent—services that can provide support for our activities in all areas of life. The possibilities range from simple mobile travel and planning services to a full-blown “Internet Angel” that would provide continuous intelligent informed support.

These services would act as a personal “go-between”, mediating between the information-rich complexities and opportunities provided by the Internet and an individual’s plans and goals . Organisations could also use “Internet Angels” to provide a one-stop shop for all personal Internet interactions, by integrating all their Internet activity: connectivity, media distribution, data archiving, identity management.

On the development side, the availibility of open APIs and Mashup toolkits creates opportunities for a wide spectrum of individuals and organisations to produce added-value third-party services that could be accessed directly or via the comprehensive service described above.

There are many hurdles to be overcome before this situation can be reached:

  • What kind of services could be developed?

  • Who will develop them?

  • What are the incentives to develop these services?

  • Will there be a convergence that will cause some well-trusted brand organisation to aspire to the role of Internet Angel? What financial model would they use?

The panel will be chaired by Prof. John Darlington, with Prof. David De Roure, Moustafa Ghanem, and Sandra Gonzales Bailon.


One Response to “Internet Angel”

  1. Jay Sargos Says:

    Considering our country’s lag in current broadband speed
    and abilities to keep up with other developing nations- more national incentives will be needed for 3G and 4G systems, respectively! Thanks!
    Jay Sargos

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