Diginomics – The economic impact of being (re)born digital

Chaired by Thierry Rayna, this session will focus on the economic impact of digital technologies. Join us if you want to hear about:

  • How the internet newspaper is changing the news industry
  • Why so many people pirate and why firms and governments haven’t been prevent it
  • Why Apple sells music while Napster rents it and why Microsoft dropped MSN for Zune
  • Why DRMs are bound to fail and why recording companies have been forced to abandon them
  • Why Web 2.0 is sometimes inefficient and how to improve it
  • How to conciliate DRMs with privacy
  • How to find new business models for the digital economy

The panelists for this sessions are: Paul Bourgine (Ecole Poytechnique, France), Gary Graham (University of Manchester), Samuel Landau (Comwax CTO), Ludmila Striukova (University College London).

The presentation slides from the session are now available here.


7 Responses to “Diginomics”

  1. Wallace R. Wood Says:

    In 1998, in response to over 30 years of research and writing on the subject of a future ‘digital economic’ system, I coined the word “Diginomics.” Much to my surprise, I found no evidence of its existence in any dictionary, so I submitted it to every English-speaking dictionary I could find. In 2007, Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary agreed to showcase the word on their website. Today, it’s amazing to see how the word has truly taken hold around the globe, fairly true to the definition that I assigned to it. Here is the ‘official’ definition:

    DIGINOMICS (dij’i-nom’iks), n. – acronym of two words: digital and economics. (1) the status of development toward an all-digital economy conducted electronically in all financial dealings between buyer and seller; a cashless society where all moneys (incl. cash, coins, checks and credit) and transactions involving the same are conducted electronically. (2) Societal trends in which the presence of and use of advanced electronic technology is both prevalent and predominant, creating lifestyles and social cultures that are technology driven. Syn. Cashless society, digital economy, friction-free economy, e-business, mobile economy, m-economy, entertainment economy, intangible economy. [1998, Wallace R. Wood, Houston TX]

    For an “official” recognition of this new term, visit the Merriam-Webster On-Line Open Dictionary site.
    Indeed, we truly are living in a “Diginomic World.” It’s only a matter of time before the full application is realized.

  2. Robert Ulzana Says:

    Mr. Wood,

    I came across your website (National Science and Technology Association)
    It says you are the founder and I’m just trying to figure out what your actual product is…I’m a little confused. Your overview and mission statement was just a little vague. Thanks

    • Wallace R. Wood Says:

      I apologize, Robert, for this long delay in reply; the disadvantage of leaving comments on “distant” websites that have no direct contact back to all participants. Here we are in July 2011. I only hope you receive this response before “the end of the world.”

      NSTA, essentially, is all about global technological trending into the future. It’s a kind of intriguing mix where George Jetson meets George Orwell. As a professional trade organization, we sell nothing but knowledge and connections — “knowledge” of what’s happening and where it’s taking us … and “connections” through networking and public events.

      Now, as the space industry is changing, we have found it more relevant to be renamed the “National Science & Technology Association.” We are presently developing our new website at the same website.

      If you wish to contact me directly, please write to NSTA@nsta.info. Hope to hear from you sooner than you have heard from me.

  3. Stefan Says:

    Would you be interested to elaborate this together.

  4. Wallace R. Wood Says:

    Update on the global status of the term: DIGINOMICS. As of Aug. 18, 2011, “Diginomics” is now defined at Wikipedia. Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diginomics. No small milestone in the initiative to gain global recognition of a “new word” (1998).

  5. Wallace Wood Says:

    An update on “Diginomics.” We have created and are working on the content of http://www.diginomicsdefined.com. We have posted the “official” definition(s) there and are in the process of building-out the site with additional support material, such as books, articles, sites and other links to all things pertaining to a world of digitized economics and culture.

    “Diginomics” and “DiginomicWorld” can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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