A time and a place

Chaired by Dr. Robin North, with Dr. Rashid Mehmood and Jeremy Cohen, the aim of the session is to explore with the audience the impacts that the Digital Economy will have on travel, in terms of services it will support, and how these will affect the everyday lives of the users. Topics will include:

  • How do you feel the development of a digital economy will affect your mobility choices?
  • Which aspects of the digital economy will have the most impact, and in what ways will these impacts be felt?
  • What issues do you foresee in making best use of Digital Economy technologies in transport?
  • What sort of transport and mobility services can you imagine?

Presentation slides from the panel are available here.


2 Responses to “Transport”

  1. Panel presentations posted « The Wealth of Networks Says:

    […] The panel presentations from the event have now been linked from the individual pages. Currently, Transport, e-Healthcare, Diginomics and Cascade of Information are […]

  2. anton van der burgt Says:

    the presentation slides are not available, pls repair the link

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