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Videos available

October 30, 2008

Videos from the event are now (finally!) available here:

  1. First half of morning’s presentation (John Darlington, John Varney, John Hand)
  2. Panel discussion moderated by Garreth Mitchell
  3. Diginomics: The economic impact of being (re)born digital
  4. Service infrastructure enabling the Digital Economy

The encoding has been done with AutoGK and XVid codec.


Buzz on Wealth of Networks

August 14, 2008

The Wealth of Networks event has generated some interesting follow-ups, which can be found at Consuming Experience, here and here.

Social Shakers has posted about WoN Diginomics here.
Finally, Broad Stuff has articles here and here.

Panel presentations posted

August 1, 2008

The panel presentations from the event have now been linked from the individual pages. Currently, Transport, e-Healthcare, Diginomics and Cascade of Information are online.

Plenary Panel session

July 24, 2008

The Plenary Panel session is running. Chair and moderator Gareth Mitchell has introduced the session and the panelists Dan Appelquist, John Barr, John Darlington, Gary Graham, John Hand, Nick Leon, David de Roure and John Varney have each given brief introductions to themselves. We’re currently hearing views on digital media and how its consumption might continue to change as networks and the Internet advance.

Wealth of Networks is underway!

July 24, 2008

The Wealth of Networks event is underway. Professor John Darlington, Director of the Imperial College Internet Centre introduced the event and we’ve heard from John Hand, of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) about EPSRC’s Digital Economy research programme and John Varney, CEO of Maximum Clarity about some of the benefits that have been delivered by the development of networks over the years. We’re about to head off for a coffee break before the Plenary Panel session.

Afternoon Panel: Service infrastructures

July 22, 2008

Some technology trends are clear – such as multicore processors, disk sizes and network bandwidths.  Others, like the evolution of the Web and Semantic Web, less so – largely because these technologies are evolving within the social context of their use.  This panel, chaired by Professor David De Roure from University of Southampton, will enter the dangerous territory of making predictions in order to inform discussion about the future digital economy.

John Hand to give an introduction

July 21, 2008

John Hand, the head of Digital Economy Programme at EPSRC, will give an introduction to Digital Economy at the start of the day, and set the scene for the further panels.

Afternoon panel – Individual Indentity in the Network Society

July 21, 2008

In this digital world of converging devices, individuals’ identities will be increasingly difficult to coordinate across different platforms. Apart from privacy concerns, the development of technologies for managing identity raise a host of social issues and challenges for the digital economy. This panel will explore these and other questions, more details can be found here.

Morning panel session

July 17, 2008

The morning panel session, entitled The Wealth of Networks: Digital Economies and Next-generation Internet will feature Professor John Darlington, Dr. Gary Graham, Dan Appelquist, John Barr, and John Hand. This will be a broad discussion covering all aspects of how our lives will change with increased reliance on digital technologies. Some topics that will be discussed are:

  • How would UK cope with Internet blackout?
  • Multiple tier Internets
  • Ownership of personal data and knowledge derived from it
  • Notion of personal identity in the digital environment

The session will be moderated by Garreth Mitchell, from BBC’s Digital Planet.

Next-generation healthcare

July 17, 2008

The panel Using digital technology to improve people’s health and the delivery of healthcare will focus on the transformational effects of electronic patient records and Web 2.0 technologies. The topics to be investigated include giving patients online access to their medical records, the need for patients to make informed choices about their health and their healthcare, management of long term illnesses and the changes in decision support systems and large-scale health surveillance tools. The panel is chaired by Professor Azeem Majeed.