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March 23, 2009

Summaries of panels recommendations are available at:

Plenary panel, Diginomics, Service Infrastructure

Healthcare Panel

Trusted Resources

Emergent Properties



August 23, 2008

The video is back from the film guys and I am back from the States, so I’ll post podcasts here next week. The will include all of the morning sessions and some of the afternoon panels.

Internet Angel Panel

July 24, 2008

At the Internet Angel panel

John Darlington is up. Giving his vision of Service Opportunities w/ slides.

Internet Angel should control Permanent Relationship– ID management, ISP Banking, also Archive personal Media, Financial Medical Data.

The IA is always present, mediates on your behalf.

Mobile world currently erodes a lot of non-work space. Crackberry! We can reverse this and balance spheres of activity in life.

The vision is the Internet Cocoon: a helpful and supportive layer between the individual and the ever-growing sea of stuff: data services etc..


1. How to create incentives? Value-chain?

2. Would you trust your data to a service?

Me: Does the opt-in/opt-out model provide a sufficient basis for a business?

panelist: what kind of social bias does the gatekeepe introduce

Matei: e.g. Google, how can be ertain that my data is safe?

Ok, ff we go into the Trust issue.

Would we want to entrust all of our data to a trusted service.

Margaret G: data is released currently on a per function level: banks->money, etc. Putting it all in one place raises the SLA to another level.

David Rayers: agrees with Margaret.

Margaret: we know what the bias of a travel-agent is. What’s the bias of an IA?

Rayers: BBC is fiercely independant of incluence. Public corporation was remit to run system.
Me; wouldn’t it be a good enough business w/o trust SLA? Couldn’t you just offer the services.
guy to the left: micro-payment? We need some kind of micro-payment.
de Roure: micropayment has been around since beginning of the web.

JD: is more prevalent in the mobile world.

Guy on left: i’d go for an IA. I could ask where shoud I take my holiday? And off I go.

Margaret: micro-payment across the spectrum

Rayers: micropyaments work with ‘it’s small enough not to bother about’

Guy on left: IA addresses problem of ‘choice fatigue’.

Rayers: huge amount of managing “echo” info.

Dave deRoure: amazing that CS haven’t solved the spam problem yet. Internet Assistant agents developed in the late 90s didn’t deliver. Is that now soluble in a way it wasn’t before?

Me: profiling.

JD: Final word?

Afternoon panel — Diginomics

July 20, 2008

Diginomics – The economic impact of being (re)born digital

This panel will focus on the economic impact of digital technologies. Topics will (more…)

John Varney will give keynote

July 17, 2008

John Varney, founder and CEO of Maximum Clarity and former CTO of the BBC, will be giving the keynote address. He will be talking about convergence, social networking and technology in the Next-generation Internet.