Internet Angel Panel


At the Internet Angel panel

John Darlington is up. Giving his vision of Service Opportunities w/ slides.

Internet Angel should control Permanent Relationship– ID management, ISP Banking, also Archive personal Media, Financial Medical Data.

The IA is always present, mediates on your behalf.

Mobile world currently erodes a lot of non-work space. Crackberry! We can reverse this and balance spheres of activity in life.

The vision is the Internet Cocoon: a helpful and supportive layer between the individual and the ever-growing sea of stuff: data services etc..


1. How to create incentives? Value-chain?

2. Would you trust your data to a service?

Me: Does the opt-in/opt-out model provide a sufficient basis for a business?

panelist: what kind of social bias does the gatekeepe introduce

Matei: e.g. Google, how can be ertain that my data is safe?

Ok, ff we go into the Trust issue.

Would we want to entrust all of our data to a trusted service.

Margaret G: data is released currently on a per function level: banks->money, etc. Putting it all in one place raises the SLA to another level.

David Rayers: agrees with Margaret.

Margaret: we know what the bias of a travel-agent is. What’s the bias of an IA?

Rayers: BBC is fiercely independant of incluence. Public corporation was remit to run system.
Me; wouldn’t it be a good enough business w/o trust SLA? Couldn’t you just offer the services.
guy to the left: micro-payment? We need some kind of micro-payment.
de Roure: micropayment has been around since beginning of the web.

JD: is more prevalent in the mobile world.

Guy on left: i’d go for an IA. I could ask where shoud I take my holiday? And off I go.

Margaret: micro-payment across the spectrum

Rayers: micropyaments work with ‘it’s small enough not to bother about’

Guy on left: IA addresses problem of ‘choice fatigue’.

Rayers: huge amount of managing “echo” info.

Dave deRoure: amazing that CS haven’t solved the spam problem yet. Internet Assistant agents developed in the late 90s didn’t deliver. Is that now soluble in a way it wasn’t before?

Me: profiling.

JD: Final word?


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